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There are lots of excellent reasons to rent a storage unit. Maybe you closed on your old house faster than you thought you would. Or maybe your lease doesn’t start for another month. Or perhaps you’re moving out-of-state and have no idea where you’re living when you move. If you’re already planning on hiring a moving company to manage your relocation, you might want to inquire about storage services at the same time. A full-service moving & storage company streamlines the storage process, making your move to and from the storage unit a cinch. Find a reputable storage company in the Phoenix through Cheap Movers Phoenix!

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Clean, Secure Storage Facilities

Many moving companies offer on-site storage facilities or can help you move into a self-storage unit you rent on your own. When shopping for storage, be sure to keep the following characteristics in mind:


  • Cleanliness: Visit the facility in-person to ensure the place is clean and pest-free, so you don’t have to worry about critters and bugs getting into your boxes and ruining your stuff.
  • Security: Is the storage facility secure? Ask the management about security gates, surveillance cameras, and on-site monitoring by security personnel or law enforcement.
  • Accessibility: If you need 24/7 access to your unit, then consider going the self-storage route over warehouse storage through a moving company.
  • Affordability: When you bundle short-term storage with your move, you might be surprised at how cheap it is!
  • Selection: While a moving company will move your belongings into a designated area of their warehouse, if you’re moving into self-storage, ask about the size options available and the capacity of each one.
  • Climate-Controlled: Getting a climate-controlled space is essential for protecting your belongings, especially if you live in an area with extreme humidity or temperature fluctuations, or you have furniture, art work, wine, or other sensitive items to store.

Find a place that meets all your storage needs through Cheap Movers Phoenix:


Residential Storage

Get great rates on storage for everything from the contents of a studio apartment to a large 4- or 5- bedroom home.


Furniture Storage

Find a climate-controlled unit to safely store all types of furniture, including couches, beds, dining sets, credenzas, wardrobes, bookshelves and more. Whether your items are upholstered or made from wood, metal, or plastic, we can help you find the storage you need for your furniture.


Wine Storage

Whether you’re a novice vino lover or a passionate sommelier, climate- and humidity- controlled storage is essential to keeping your wine collection tasting great, especially in Phoenix’s hot desert climate.


Art Storage

Keep those oil paintings, framed pictures, and sculptures display-ready for years to come in a dry, pest-free storage unit.


Document Storage

Important documents, like tax returns or client files might be essential to hang onto, but they take up a lot of space! Save yourself the headache of storing these documents by putting them out of sight and mind in a storage unit.


Office Storage

Whether you have excess inventory or need a temporary holding space for furniture and equipment, Cheap Movers Phoenix can help you find an office storage solution.

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Sometimes it’s necessary to rent a storage unit for your belongings, either because your new place is smaller than you thought or because you can’t get into your new home as soon as you expected. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make the most of your unit, while also packing it in such a way as to limit the risks of damage to your belongings.


Invest in Some Pallets

Wooden pallets only cost a few bucks apiece, and they can go a long way toward protecting your belongings against damage if you rent a first-floor storage unit. Set them on the floor of the storage unit before you move in, so you can protect against damage from potential flooding. Similarly, putting your furniture and packed boxes on pallets protects them from spills that may leak in from adjacent units.


Buy Some Industrial Plastic Wrap

Movers’ wrap is an investment that will serve you well as you start packing your belongings for moving and storage. If you wrap as much as you can in plastic wrap, you can protect your furniture and your packed items from collecting dust and dirt. Additionally, tightly wrapped items will be protected from insects and rodents that may be looking for a dark, cool place to nest. Plastic wrap is also an essential for securing moving blankets.


Fill Your Boxes

First, try to get all same-sized boxes, so they will stack more securely. Additionally, make sure you fill every box up, so it will remain stable and support the other boxes. If necessary, fill half of the box with packing popcorn or newspaper. By filling the box to the top, they will maintain integrity and won’t buckle under the additional weight of stacking.


Create a Master Inventory List

Everyone thinks to mark each box with its contents but creating a master inventory list is advisable as well. By keeping a detailed list with you, it will be easier to locate specific items, if you happen to need them, before you ultimately unpack in your new home. This list will also help you know if something has been damaged in the unit, so you can submit a claim to have it replaced.


Don’t Forget the Renter’s Insurance

This one doesn’t even occur to many people, but it’s the best way to protect your valuables. You never know what may happen, even when you only plan to occupy the unit for a brief period. Severe weather, fire, or theft can occur at any time, so it’s better to protect yourself against those risks. A renter’s insurance policy ensures you’re reimbursed for any losses you suffer while your valuables are in the unit. Insurers will cover storage units, so ask your insurance agent if your current coverage will suffice.


Create More Space

You can use extendable shower curtain rods to create a place to hang formal or expensive clothing. Similarly, by standing a wooden pallet up on its end, you can create shelving and additional storage space. You can also use a pallet to secure mops, brooms, shovels, and rakes by slipping the handles between the planks of wood.


Packing your storage space with a little planning can help you make the most of the space you have available. It can also help you arrange your items to provide the best protection against damage. While this isn’t your home, it is your space for storing your valuables, so you want to make sure you’re packing wisely and safely.

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