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Packing and Moving a Kitchen – Everything You Need to Know

When you’re moving, the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to pack in the home. It has a variety of items that include appliances of all sizes, foods that need to refrigeration, non-perishable foods, cooking utensils, dishes, and other items that need to go in boxes. If you follow a few simple tips, then you can pack your kitchen like a professional without leaving anything behind.

Small Appliances

If you have the original box for any appliances, then you should use that box to pack them. The original boxes are just the right size and might even include the instructions for the appliance in case you haven’t used it for some time. It’s also helpful to have if you plan on selling any appliances that you don’t need. If you no longer have the original boxes, try to pack your appliances in appropriate size boxes to prevent any damage.  Put soft materials on top and around the appliances for added protection.


When you pack dishes, it’s best to use a sturdy box and plenty of newspaper, plastic or other materials around each dish. Newspaper is an excellent choice to put between plates to keep them from sliding around. You can also put newspaper inside and around glasses to keep them from breaking. Put Styrofoam or bubble wrap on the bottom and top of the box. Don’t pack boxes with dishes too heavy because it will be hard to move the boxes from one area to another. Make sure the boxes are secure on the top and bottom to prevent the flaps from coming apart and causing the dishes to fall out.

Pots and Pans

Pack your pots and pans in smaller boxes as well. Put larger pots and pans on the bottom of the box and smaller ones inside of them so that everything is stacked neatly. Wrap your glass lids in newspaper or plastic to keep them from breaking.

Cooking Utensils

A simple idea for packing cooking utensils is to put everything in a plastic bag. You can also keep the utensils in a small box without any other items inside. Label the box to keep it separate from everything else and to make it easier to find when needed.

Cold and Non-perishable Foods

Cold and frozen items should be packed in a cooler so that they thaw as little as possible from one home to the other. You can pack any non-perishable foods that aren’t expired in boxes and seal them securely to prevent anything from getting into your items. Take the time to go through everything to see if there is something that is old and needs to be thrown away or that you don’t want that you could donate to someone.

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