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Complete List of Moving Equipment Needed for Hauling a Hot Tub

As hot tubs are relaxing and fun additions to any home, and today’s hot tub prices are surprisingly affordable, more individuals than ever before are deciding to purchase a home spa of their own. While using a hot tub is a self-explanatory process, transporting it to where it needs to go —either from the store it was purchased at or from your current home to the next—is a rather involved task. It’s a job that you should only tackle with the proper equipment and tools. According to the top-rated hot tub movers in Phoenix, here’s what you’ll need to transport your tub.

Multiple Lifters

Even the strongest person in the world cannot lift and move a hot tub without the assistance of others; residential spas are heavy, bulky, and unwieldy. So, the first “tool” anyone who plans to transport a hot tub will need on hand is a team of able-bodied lifters. You can gather a bunch of buddies and promise them beers and the first dip in your jacuzzi, or you can hire a professional mover to get the job done for you.

Industrial Furniture Straps

Industrial ratchet straps (or simply furniture straps that can support the weight of a hot tub, as indicated by their product specifications) are must-bring tools for anyone who’s preparing to transport a hot tub. You will use these straps to secure the hot tub to the next tool on the list, the dolly. Because hot tubs are so large and bulky, you must use straps to keep them in-place, and in turn, assure the safety of dolly operators and the condition of the hot tub you’re moving! Lastly, if you are transporting the jacuzzi in a personal vehicle, you can remove these straps from the dolly and use them to secure the tub into the desired position in the truck.

A Dolly (or Dollies, Depending on the Tub’s Size)

Spa dollies are fantastic transportation tools that are hard to do without when moving a bulky hot tub. After sliding a tub onto a dolly, anyone can effortlessly roll it across the ground and safely to the desired location. Just make sure you have some hands on the tub to steady it while it’s on wheels and use the straps to secure it.

Transporting a hot tub might seem like a pain, but the effort is worth it. When the move is over, you can soak away the moving stress and enjoy it for years to come. If transporting the spa seems like too much work to do on your own, or you can’t find friends to assist, you can find an affordable Scottsdale moving company to handle it for you. Just call Cheap Movers Phoenix to find a hot tub mover near you!

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