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Commercial Moving Checklist for Moving to a New Office

Getting ready to move offices can be more daunting than moving homes as there are usually more people and more moving parts. Due to the complexity of a business relocation, thorough preparations are required to ensure that everything is accounted for during the process. Utilize this checklist as you move your business to another space.

1. Determine the Time Frame and Schedule

Setting a time frame should be your priority. Notify staff and employees of the date on which all supplies, inventory, equipment, and furniture is to be cleared out of the building. This should also serve as your last moving out date. A time frame helps you be on schedule.

Since moving out may take a couple of days depending on the number of items you need to move, work backward from the day you set and prepare a priority list for all the things that should have been done before the hauling trucks arrive.

2. Assign Tasks

Involve your staff as soon as you decide to shift premises. You can even set up a move committee that not only assists you in organizing and planning the move but also eases the transition for the rest of the workers. The committee will need to review all the tasks and assign roles as necessary.

3. Establish an External and Internal Communications Plan

These communication plans will make sure of the following: your employees are kept on the loop during the moving process and your suppliers & clients are aware of the move to avoid jeopardizing business processes during the transition.

4. Hire Movers

Your priority is getting your business operational as soon as possible. Therefore, choosing a reputable moving company that has extensive experience and expertise is critical. Look to hire a moving company that has the right resources, equipment, and most importantly, trained personnel who are well-versed in moving commercial offices efficiently. For assistance finding the best office moving companies in Phoenix, contact Cheap Movers Phoenix for a quote.

5. Look for Professional Packers

If you can squeeze this into your moving budget, it is very beneficial. Professional packers will save you and your staff from the extra hassle of packing during the already stressful relocation process. Additionally, this will allow you the energy and time to focus on ensuring that the process is moving on smoothly.

Ask your employees to pack their desks first and account for everything to ensure there is no miscommunication with the packers. Additionally, use this opportunity to get rid of stuff that does not need to move.

6. Have a New Office Layout Ready

Discuss how to arrange the new space with your moving committee so that when the movers get your stuff there, you already know where everyone and everything goes. This makes the transition less stressful and more efficient.

7. Talk to Your Vendors

Notify your service providers including your telephone company, internet provider, etc. Check whether they can transfer services to the new office, so you know whether you’ll have to switch to a new provider. If you are leasing any equipment, make sure you let the dealer know.

Moving your business premises and transitioning into a new office is stressful. Fortunately, by applying the above moving tips, your business will be up and running in no time.

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