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You could spend hours poring over reviews and calling around for quotes from local movers, or you can get everything you need to know in one easy place! Get quotes from multiple Chandler movers and save yourself the stress of trying to move alone. Cheap Movers Phoenix screens moving companies to ensure they’re licensed and insured, then provides you with free estimates from some of the city’s best movers. Find reliable movers fast is one way that Cheap Movers helps you reduce the stress of moving!


Our location in Chandler, AZ also helps customers in the areas of Gilbert, Chandler Heights, and Sun Lakes with moves of all sizes and budgets.

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Moving to Chandler

This city of just over 250,000 residents sits on the Southeastern edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Once an agricultural area known for its vast cotton crops, today Chandler is a fast-growing Phoenix suburb with dozens of master-planned neighborhoods for residents to call home. Like the rest of the Valley, Chandler enjoys hundreds of days of sunshine and mild winters, making it a lovely place to live year-round, though some locals escape to the mountains during the blazing hot summer months. The local economy is bolstered by the presence of tech firms like Intel, PayPal, and Microchip Technology that employ thousands of people. There’s also work to be found with other major employers, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and the Chandler Unified School District. The school district serves over 31,000 students across 25 elementary, six junior high school, and four high school campuses. Families can also choose from several charter and private schools in the area. Chandler is a wonderful community for all ages – from young professionals, to families with small children, to retirees seeking a pleasant place to enjoy their golden years.


Moving to or from Chandler, AZ? Beat the heat with your move by hiring a professional mover to do all the lifting and sweating. Cheap Movers Phoenix helps you find the best deals on moves in the Phoenix area, so you can move fast without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. We work with local Phoenix area movers who are part of a network of national van lines, so whether your move takes you down the street or all the way to Alaska, they can get you there.

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Chandler AZ Moving Services

What kind of moving service are you looking for? Here’s what our moving partners offer:


  • Local Movers Chandler: Relocating to a new neighborhood within Chandler or from another part of the Phoenix metro area? We have you covered! Find local moving services that charge by the hour to keep your move cheap.
  • Chandler Residential Movers: Whether you’re moving out of a luxurious condo in Ocotillo or into an estate in Trovita, Chandler’s best moving companies are ready to help with your relocation. Find movers who specialize in residential moves of all shapes and sizes through Cheap Movers Phoenix.
  • Long Distance Movers in Chandler: The Phoenix area is home to several moving companies that offer nationwide moving services. So, no matter how short or long your move, they can transport your things where they need to go.
  • Chandler Apartment Movers: An apartment move requires contending with stairs, tricky parking, and property rules and restrictions. Hiring movers to handle your apartment relocation is the surest way to successfully navigate these moving challenges.
  • Chandler Household Movers: Whether you live in a snug 1-bedroom or a sprawling 5-bedroom, packing up and moving your entire household probably isn’t your idea of fun. Leave the work to household movers who can orchestrate your move seamlessly from start to finish.
  • Chandler Furniture Movers: Not sure how to get your bed disassembled or how to get that huge credenza out the front door? Leave these questions to expert furniture movers who know how handle household furnishings with ease.
  • Chandler Piano Movers: Moving a piano isn’t something you should attempt on your own, as it requires plenty of hands to carry the weight and the right equipment to prevent damage to this delicate instrument. Cheap Movers Phoenix helps you find trained and skilled piano movers in the Chandler area to make moving your upright or grand piano simple and straightforward.
  • Chandler Appliance Movers: Cleaning out your fridge is the easy part; moving it without ruining your floors is a different story. Find movers in Chandler, AZ to help move your refrigerator and other household appliances to your new home without tearing up your flooring or damaging the machinery.
  • Chandler Interstate Movers: Whether your move takes you to or from the Grand Canyon State, Cheap Movers Phoenix can help you get there! Work with licensed interstate movers that service moves originating or terminating in the Chandler metro area through Cheap Movers Phoenix.
  • Chandler Senior Movers: Finally downsizing to a more manageable place or selling your home to move into a retirement community? Get the help you need with your relocation from Chandler’s best senior moving specialists.
  • Chandler Intrastate Movers: No matter where your move takes you in Arizona, Cheap Movers Phoenix is here to make finding an intrastate moving company simple!

Offering a huge variety of moving services, Cheap Mover’s moving partners are here to make your moving day a success. Tailor your move to your specific needs, then kick back and let professionals handle all the logistics. To get started with booking your move, request a free quote from Cheap Movers Phoenix today!

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