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How to Set Up Phoenix Utilities & Essential Services

Planning on moving to Phoenix? If so, congratulations – this aptly named city is a fabulous place to re-energize. Before your move, though, it’s important to get the home basics taken care of to make your transition as smooth as possible. To help you along, here’s a list of some basic utility providers in the Phoenix area.


As any Arizona resident can tell you, you won’t survive long without this essential service, so be sure not to neglect the setup. Your best bet is to start with the City of Phoenix Water Services Department. Bear in mind, though, that different areas of the city may have alternate providers; follow this link to find out who’s serving your neighborhood.


Second to water, the air conditioner will be your new best friend in the sweltering desert heat. Arizona Public Service can help you with that, on their easily navigable and user-friendly website. There’s also a handy app available to give you even faster access to your account.


While you won’t need the fuel for heating purposes (maybe for the first time ever, for some of you), gas ovens and other home appliances may require this service. Among area fuel providers, Ferrell Gas gets high marks from residents. They’re dedicated to providing service that feels more like a neighbor helping another neighbor out, as opposed to the big oil corporations who treat customers like numbers.

Cable and Internet

For great deals on Internet, cable, and phone services, check out AT&T, a company that’s been helping folks stay connected since 1983. Don’t let the year fool you – this old standby keeps itself relevant by offering competitive deals on the latest iPhones, as well as basic TV and wireless services.

Waste Removal

Newcomers who are relocating to Phoenix from a more rural area might easily overlook the necessity of this service. Whether or not you’ve ever heard the telltale rumble of a garbage truck, give the folks at Republic Services Waste Disposal a try. They offer services to both residential and business accounts and serve over 14 million loyal customers. You can opt for curbside pick-up or rent a dumpster if that’s more suited to your needs. The website has a handy map of available pickup locations, so you can scout the situation before you even arrive.

Remember, it’s best to give the utility service providers a few weeks’ notice, to ensure that things will be up and running when you’re ready to move in. Set up a reminder for about a month before the move and bookmark this article as a reference when it’s time to get the ball rolling.

Wishing you the best of luck on your new adventure!

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